Friday, February 25, 2011

give you my all

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I remember our first date together,u said to me that u always watching me from a far..
every time when u next to me,u always feel happy..try to say *hye* to me,but u didnt have the courage to do so..always i ask my friends about me..but my friends say,*ask her, by yourself*..
after that date,u say u never leave me..even anythings happen u alway be for me..

But that just a memory to me,U hardly text ,call me..even if text or call u..u didnt text back or answer my call..
What a pathetic..

When it rain,i always think the time when we walking in the rain together.
..Here comes the rain again,falling on my head like a memory..

Need to forget You!!

Everything i do i'll thinks about,all about u..sometime i was wondering why do have to know  u..need to forget u...
I never cry for a guy,but u the first guy i cry for,and u make me cry so badly...
it been so long u didnt call me..when u call me That day at late night,i were sick,fever..the most hurtful things is when,*u say that u got new girlfriends*.Why do u hate to tell me that!!.My heart sink ,feel like it broken into million pieces..

And since that day,i try u ignore u,avoiding u..u act like nothing wrong. u keep coming around,please stop it..
You make my hurt sink,every time i see u. I dont like the things u do,I don't like the way you treat me.

Cant you see?  I hate you,I don't want you around.I would love to knock you,On the ground..You are mean to me.Cant you see?You are not my friend,I want your unkind..Treatment of me to end!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wanna make things Clear!!

We just friend,nothing much okey!
except u wanna things go to Weirdness!!
then u Dare to!errrr~
if anythings just ask..dont make wrong conclusion!

Why me!

errrghhhh!! gossip ! gossip !
I'm just a friends ,like a sister nothings much..
but people always things other way..
yeahh maybe i  close to him,but doesnt mean we are couple!
feel like no more privacy ,errrr!
okey sofiena,cool sofiena..
plus it not bad things to say i love u to people..haishh !

Monday, February 21, 2011

The moment when someone tells you those hurtful words, will be the moment when you feel like dying. Your heart just stops and it sinks deeper and deeper by each second as those words go in and out of your head. And when you finally push those words away, half of your body is already wounded while the other half has died.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

- Say You Love Me

Don't you know that I want to be more that just your friend
Holding hands is fine
But I've got better things on my mind
You know it could happen
If you'd only see me in a different light
Baby when we fin'lly get together
You will see that I was right

Say you love me
You know that it could be nice
If you'd only say you love me
Don't treat me like I was ice

Please love me
I'll be yours and you'll be mine
and If you'd only say you love me baby
Things would really work out fine

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I’ll back off so you can live

I’ll back off so you can live
Say it directly, looking at me
Say it looking into my eyes
Did you just say you wanted to break up?
Did you want to end it with me?
(I Know) You probably got a lady
(I Know) You probably got sick of me
Even though the tears are rushing to me
I’ll back off so you can live
That is all I can say
I’ll forget you so you can live better
So that you’ll be happy without me
The love that you tossed away, you can take it
Don’t even leave a trace behind and take it all
Don’t even say you’re sorry
Don’t worry about me
Your lips that told me tha you were going to leave
Why does it give me a reason to be angry today?
I need to stop you, the words don’t go out
And you are already moving far apart
(I know) You will forget me
(I know) I will really hate you
Even though you know everything
You! The reason I lived
You! Were all I wanted
You! It was me who only looked at you
Why? Why are you leaving?
Why? Why are you tossing me away?
If you were going to be like this
Why did you love me in the first place?
Do you happen to remember that day?
That day when we first met
I still remember it
The promise you made to me
That you will only care for me
That you will only protect me
That you will only love me
I believed your lies, I believed it
Did you really love me?
I’ll forget you so you can live better

Friday, February 11, 2011

Today somethings happen,i thought i gonna save it until i meet guy that i really love..
but he taken it..
-My first kiss....