Saturday, June 2, 2012

I don't even understand myself right now

It’s like I’m scared to be in a relationship because of the chance that I might become emotionally attached to someone else but I’m too insecure with myself to just hook up. In my mind everyone pity’s me because I’m always single and never involved with anyone. But that’s not my fault because I don’t fucking voluntarily want to be single no why the fuck would I want that I hate being single..yet I’m scared to be in a relationship.

Friday, June 1, 2012

If you think this one for you, it's probably is.

Hello bloggers ? hee XD
Sooo where should I start this? Anywhere i guess~ nahhh it been awhile I didn't updated my blog. Well, I'm busy with school life, studying stuff, plus exam. Exam are over! yeah, it been week already.
Now I'm on my holiday mood! weeee happy! well, not really... I suppose to be happy this week, but.. I had a fight with my friend.. hurmmm He was always good to me.. Too blind to notice it cause we're busy bickering with each other.

Yesterday, I cried. Yeah, crying like heart break person. Actually I donno why.. It is because I fight with him ?  I never cry for guys before. I'm someone that hard to cry for somethings that can be settle out.
We've been fight for soooo many time before... but this time , its different.. I felt so hurt like I been shot by arrow. It's sting my heart, leaving unbearable pain.

"Sorry" seen meaningless to him. What he expect me to say actually? I didn't get it ! I'm not perfect, I make mistakes, I hurt people, but when I say sorry, I actually mean it! Keep saying sorry.. but he will just ignore it. Act like nothing happen, that just how you are! Making people felt guilty.
We bickering like everyday, but when we stop talking.. I felt bored, like there missing chapter of life. I wish we never fight about those stupid things. I wish he didn't scared of worms. I wish I didn't start those stupid joke, or teasing him about those worms things. I wish.. I wish.. he was here, bickering on IM like always..

I won't give up on us and I've told you from the start. What held us together is far more important than What is tearing us apart.