Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back at the time N now

back at the time,always get excited to meet u..
when u call,always seen to have alot of things to talk about.
when u come late to meet me,i will pout like a kids.
when u didn't text me back,i will call u.

But now..when u ask me out,i always get excuse not to go..
when u call,i didn't really talk much..
when u come late now,i dont really care.
i didn't even text u anymore,but u keep calling me..
it just not right,u got your girlfriend..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bloody hell!!

Erghhhh! tomorrow is your fucking birthday ! and why did i even remember it??!! what a shit..fucking shit!! damn your so annoying ,every time i saw u...u always make me mad,talking aloud about me..SO bullshit..
For serious,i feel like wanna straggle u that time.!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cant u see??!!You don't get it?!

  "oh sorry,i cant go out with u.i gotta meet my girlfriend" .he say.

Those words came flying toward me like icicles, stabbing me in the chest. It burned through my wounded skin and pricked at my heart. A sharp pain suddenly struck me, and right now it's going through my veins and quickly rushing up into my brain. Oh god. So he really doesn't like me. My shoulders slumped down a bit and tears began to build within my eyes. You know when you cry, and you get that sad tingly feeling in you? Yeah. That's how I feel right now. I bit my tongue to get a hold of myself.

"You seem very lonely. You need to go find someone to love you. I don't want you to be lonely for the rest of the time"He said 

You don't get it ___. It's you that I need.

I smirked. "I'll be fine. Don't worry about me."

I hate...

I hate this.
I hate everything about this.
I hate it how we are friends.
I hate how I'm not his girlfriend.
I hate it how he's not my boyfriend.
I hate it how when he hardly to meet,but he would only stay for forty minutes.
I hate it when he suddenly calls because it sends me the wrong message.
I hate it how when we're alone, he'll hold my hand.
I hate it how he'll just rest his head on my shoulder.
I hate everything because this is all driving me stupidly insane.
But at the same time, I love his moonlight sonata presence because he drowns me into the world of wonders.
I hate myself specifically.