Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm falling hard

"Me.. never thinking about loving other people beside my family..but someone..this guy..I care about him..I say to myself,I should only love him as a brother.Not much..

But as time past..I starting feel,jealous??maybe..when he with other girls..when he with with other girl..He said he got heart just hurt so much..

When he break up with his girlfriend,I feel relief .but at the same time..I feel a bit disappointed ,cause he now different from I use to knew..He not the same person I knew..Not caring,nice,polite and other good things..

"..dear your so pretty,beautiful,gorgeous.." Did you really meant it when you tell me?or just one of your unconscious things..
Or am I just one of your game??

I starting to study your new behavior..Just like a playboy,being touchy  much..and even pervert! you hold my hand,hug me,and even kiss my never did it before,cause i hate it..
"expected the unexpected.." I guess that is it..

You even dare to talk about other girls infront of me..Talking about how much you like them,how cute they were..and even you wanna make them yours.

"I'm falling a glass fall to the ground,shattered to pieces.."
Never wanted to be hurt..or even hurting other people..but you,the reason im hurting so badly.

Now,we can only remain just a friends.not more..