Friday, October 14, 2011

Random !!

  Jyeah man ! gonna write weird stuff ~ like yeah daaa.. It my freaking blog *middle finger* sucker !!
It been long time since I'm update things on myblog.. "ohhh yaaa" I'm kinda lazy to do soo.
More like chilling with mom,online,hang out (more like passed out/sleep),play Uno..

Sometimes,I'm not myself...Literally..kinda out of my mind ..hehe ^^
Like hell ,I don't care about other people say about me,cause I got my bestbuddy <3

Nowadays,I feel uncomfortable when people get to attached to me..
I like to be chase.. but I like a guy that I chase,not that chase me..
Can't you guys just be friend with me?stop thinkin' about making me ur GF!! FYI !

LOVE?What about it?? nahhhh it about loving others..No need string attached with me tho :P

And one things for sure,I hate when people get closed to my face.. What the Heck !?
What's the problem guys nowadays? Can't they just stop thinking about kissing others?
haishhh annoying tho !

Love thinggie ,nope I called it.. Stupid teenage hormones and (figure out yourself).. My love for Family ,God <3 and others friendly love *guys stop fantasizing more*..
Just love yourself is better.

Until I got more weirdo things,that it for today then :')